Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where can I get some of these? For daily use!

Can you hear them?
Isn't it wonderful?
Wouldn't these be great at home, to let them scurry and scamper around in?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Messages from #1 Son A.K.A Mad Scientist!

Message on answering machine:

Hey Mom! We did the craziest thing in the lab today. We were working with pharmaceutical leeches, and I thought it would be cool to put one on me. But I forgot that I hadn't had breakfast or lunch. And I didn't really eat much for dinner last night, so it got all crazy. It was awesome!


Then I got this on my cell phone!

Those crazy college kids!

Now on a very proud Mama note. Tomorrow the girls and I leave for our last cheer competition of the season. Myrtle Beach, no less. Where the weather is expected to be rainy and cold. Sounds like fun!
But here is the fun part. Posh Spice was cheering on two teams. A high level and a mid level team. It was too much for her and us, and she (we) dropped the high level team in January. It made life so much better for us time wise, and her stress level decreased significantly. But she missed the elite-ness, and I understand. Well today I got a phone call from the coach that sadly, a team member had sprained her ankle and wouldn't be able to make practice this evening, and could Posh fill in? (Now we all knew that since we leave for this competition tomorrow, a sprained ankle is the kiss of death.)
 Posh was more than happy to step in. She practiced with the team like a champ tonight. She was all rosy cheeks, sweaty hair and big old smile! AND she started throwing her tuck! What that means is she did a round-off, back hand spring, back tuck! It's a tough skill and she hadn't quite mastered it back in January. Tonight she threw it like nobody's business, and they want her to do it at the competition on Saturday and Sunday. Plus performing with her sister on the other team.
Posh is on clouds, nine, ten and eleven!
If Posh likes anything, she likes to perform!

In her world, it is show time! Every day, all day!
(This is an old picture from a different team, different gym, but that similar good feeling!)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm a mind reader...

Half of that team were either illegal, German scholarship kids, 
or super models!

I swear, after this team slaughtered ours, they were doing Vodka shots!

Their coach is THE CUTEST THING!
I want him to be my pocket elf!
(Wizards of Waverly Place reference. Don't get dirty!)

Oh by the way! Check out my flavicon! The little design right before my blog address?
I got it here! You must check her out.
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Wine on Wednesday!

Come see what Shelly is recommending on

Here is my current stand by favorite.

Black Swan Chardonnay
Nothing beats a nice cool chardonnay on a warm evening.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am very nervous and I need to grow up!

There are so many things coming up for my kids. Soccer game today, cheer try-outs in another week. Cheer evaluations at their All-Star program. Science Fair. Competition this weekend in Myrtle Beach.
But I am nervous about..... me.
I am golfing with "the ladies" today. And I don't mean "the ladies" in a bad way. I mean it in a "they could show Tiger a thing or to" way. (about fidelity to start with... I digress.)
They are really nice to me and helpful and supportive. But I think they would all pass if they had to teach me Bridge too.
Last week we played Captain's Choice. Which means we all hit the ball, and we pick the best ball to hit from again. No brainer. 
Here is where I smile and nod.
Today however, I am responsible for my own ball.
Picture me with a scuba mask on, or digging to China in the sand trap.
I will admit, I am anxiously waiting to see if any of my kids become suddenly ill.
Or my husband needs something to be brought to him at work, or the school needs a sub, (never have they called me, because I am not exactly on the list.)
OR, we have a sudden snow storm, or I break a nail, or Michael Jordan calls me for team advice.  HEY, it could happen!
But, this means a lot to my sweet Honey. He is so proud of me. He is so happy. He has always wanted me to share in his addiction passion.
So I will pull up my big girl (really big girl) panties, put on my sports bra, (because if I don't strap down these big boys, I can't hold my club right)!, and get ready..
I am however, driving the kids to school while wearing a nightgown. Just in case I get pulled over, they will haul me away for being a loon!
My goal for the day is to not humiliate myself or cause death by boredom to my partners.
Perhaps if I am humbled for the day, I will not be the crazy soccer fan at my daughters game later, that she despises!
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't blame me! She puts pressure on herself!

I just want to have fun, not lose too many balls, and occasionally hit a few straight!
Not her. She has these really high standards for herself.
She cheered up later when she nearly beat her Daddy in chess.
Then he moped around, just like her!

Hmmmm, apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bob Johnson, You are An Idiot!

As you well may know, I am an AVID Charlotte Bobcats fan! AVID! I go to every game that I am able to. The kids and I go when Honey is working. We routinely do homework while the team is warming up.
I never cared that Bob Johnson owned the team. I never cared that Bob Johnson owned BETV. I never cared that 99 1/2% of the operating staff at the Time Warner Cable Arena, The Bobcat Security Staff, and the Parking Personel were African-American! I never cared! I pay for my tickets, I pay for my parking, I pay for my drinks and snacks, and I worship my team! And in case Bob Johnson didn't notice.. I am white!

Days after selling the Charlotte Bobcats, Bob Johnson called Charlotte's business community "arrogant" and "incestuous" and said the city doesn't do enough for existing and potential minority-owned business.
Johnson, a self-made billionaire who started the Black Entertainment Television cable network and brought the Bobcats to Charlotte, made the remarks Saturday at the Urban Leadership Institute, a gathering of mostly black business people.
The group presented Johnson with an award moments before he spoke, though the crowd's reaction was mixed after he made his comments.
"Charlotte is a very, how would I call it, close-knit, arrogant, sometimes incestuous town.
"...It's close-knit, and if you come to this town, and you look like you're one of those people that might break some glass ... it's going to be tough for them to relate to.
"The thing that concerns me is that I'm just surprised that the city doesn't do more for African-American small businesses. And I don't really understand that."

And in case Bob Johnson didn't acknowledge, he only hires African-American people into his multi-million dollar corporation. So who is "incestuous" and "arrogant" ?

NOT me! And I am proud to be from Charlotte and support MY team! (And besides, I have a voice mail from Michael Jordan, on my cell phone thanking me for my support!)
That's Michael, right after he called me, telling Gerald Wallace that he called me, and not to worry about calling me, but that Gerald could wait until the game was over to call me. Because they both knew I would get all crazy about Bob Johnson and go ahead and blog crazy shit and ruin their future ads on BET.
But what Michael and Gerald don't know is that I don't have enough blog traffic to worry about that! 
(Oh and Sporty Spice doesn't know about the hoo-ey that Bob Johnson spouted today, because she loves her Bobcats even more than I and will lose her ever-lovin'-mind! Because like me, she sees the players and the people that love them and not their color!)
So lets not get crazy people, it's all about Orange and Blue! And why Bob Johnson doesn't see that, is because he is only worried about green!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

The great escape!

We are out of here! It will be one of those rare weekends, when nothing else matters. No cheer competitions to attend. No basketball games. No soccer games. And, no baseball games! We're gonna go here.
The lovely Lake Hartwell, family resort! Complete with breath taking views.

Where entertainment will include this...
Perhaps there will be sightings of this....
And certainly some of this...

Because it's gonna be 70 degrees!

I know, you wanna smack me right now!

Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

22 + 8 = World Domination

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Always ask for DETAILS!

My friend asked me to join the ladies golf league at our local country club.
I laughed, and said something like, "don't you have to know how to play first?"
She said, "the ladies are so nice and all you need is to be able to hit a little and they will help you."

So I signed up. And my personal goal for the day was, "not to suck!"

Today I played with three lovely ladies. Each and every one of them, were older than my parents. These are the things that I learned.

1. Ladies golf is every Tuesday till next Thanksgiving!
2. They play 18 holes without stopping for lunch, only the potty!
3. They play in winds that pull the flag out of the pin.
4. They cuss like sailors, and wiggle eyebrows about the cuties in the pro shop. (Ick!)
They were very very nice, funny ladies!

It was grueling in the wind, and lasted five hours. I am exhausted but do not go off of mommy-duty till probably 10pm.

I did NOT suck, but if one of those ladies would have fired up a doobie, I would have!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

What's for supper on this crazy day!

I am crock potting today, because today will be the first of five insane days.I might as well start off with a home cooked meal early in the week. I hope it gets me brownie points because I am sure eating out is on our agenda later in the week. And probably through a window at that!
I give you...

Pulled-Pork Tacos
2 cups salsa
2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
2 Tablespoons chili powder
2 Tablespoons oregano
~mix this goo together and rub it all over a 3 lb pork butt~
I trim the fat off of the butt if I can. (I wish someone would trim mine off!)
Put it in the crock pot on low for 7-8 hours.

Pull it apart and serve on tortillas.
Add: cilantro, limes, sour cream (our favs)
or cheese, salsa, whatever.
I make black beans and rice on the side. Sometimes the kids wrap that up too!

I mixed up the goo and rubbed it on the meat last night. Crocked it this morning at 6 am.

Now I have a appointments, laundry and a zillion errands followed by driving to soccer.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh and by the way? NOBODY messes with "The Family!"

This does NOT make Baby happy!

When someone messes with Baby's family, we need to talk!

Michael Jordan and "a healthy" Gerald Wallace, make the family happy!

Baron Davis,  just to let you know, that your behavior on the court Friday night was shameful and you are so definitely OFF the Christmas list!

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Rolling with the family...

We have an organization in our community that provides homes for special needs kids and young adults called Holy Angels. Every year there is a big charity bowling tournament to help support them. It is a blast! Honey was at work and I had a sitter! Don Juan took the night off of work to bowl with his mother.(That would be me). My parents are always ready to roll. However.. a family photo never works. Someone is always acting like a weirdo. This is the best I could do.
Check out my cool glow in the dark shoes!

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Shameless beef-cake posting!

Okay... I' ll be honest, I am not above flashing pictures of my kids now and then. But in order to win something? 

 You Betcha!
Here's hoping Vodkamoms girls check this out!
Let the show begin.
Bachelor #1 is currently applying to grad school. His resume of academic achievements is longer than my grocery list after a two-week vacation.
Bachelor #2 is currently sought after by many.
He's kind of like Austin Powers. 
Women want him, men want to be him!

Bachelor's #1 & #2 at the beach playing music for the tourists. Crazy boys bought a two-day performance license and had a good old time.
Note the ever changing lengths of hair.

And one more, because my girls think He's the cutest!
Yep, He is the cutest! But not available ladies! Not in this decade!

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Eyeliner is the scourge of all man kind!

I was never a girly-girl! In my mind, my girls wouldn't be applying eyeliner and the such till their wedding days.
I think that's how it worked for me.
Many a miserable attempt at eye liner through the years, brought me to a close relationship with Bobbi Brown. "She" taught me the ever wonderful powder liner, with cute little flat edge brush."She" had me at "easy"!
What I didn't notice was the fine print.

"Will not cut the mustard for competition make-up. Risk of ridicule and mockery if not attempted by a professional"
Thus began the trial and tribulations of liquid versus pencil versus gel, versus DSS involvement! (Because when you duct tape your child to the floor to try and put her eye liner on, all sorts of "promises" are made.)

It was time to set them free.

I gave them everything they wanted to try with.

I fail to have the hotel mirror at home! And it was awesome!

Actually there are a lot of things at the hotel that made the whole experience pretty  tolerable! Breakfast on a cart, Daddy and little brother kicked to the curb, fresh sheets at bed time, the list goes on..

 Et Voila !
She did it all herself! I only helped a little and drank a bunch of hotel coffee.
The other one, was in a bit of a mood and was anti-paparazzi. (They stalk her so!)
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where is the justice?

(that is not me... flashing my cleavage!)
It's not fair! I love on my kids. I lay with them and rub their backs. I wipe their little faces. I dash to the store and get Super Hero popsicles.I wash the laundry like it is loaded with leprosy. I hold hands and brush hair.
Where are my super mom anti-bodies?

Does she look like she'd waste any of her fabulous time looking at her reflection in the potty?
I think not!
On the bright side...
Every one of my kids told me to go right back to bed. They all told me they hoped I'd get better quick. The 8 year old rubbed my back and kissed me on the forehead before he left for school. As a matter of fact I got lots of forehead kisses this morning.
But the big blessing was that #1 Son is home from college and he drove them to school! And on his way home from school he stopped at the store and bought me some of this.

How sweet is he?

It's all about the silver linings for me today!

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