Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bob Johnson, You are An Idiot!

As you well may know, I am an AVID Charlotte Bobcats fan! AVID! I go to every game that I am able to. The kids and I go when Honey is working. We routinely do homework while the team is warming up.
I never cared that Bob Johnson owned the team. I never cared that Bob Johnson owned BETV. I never cared that 99 1/2% of the operating staff at the Time Warner Cable Arena, The Bobcat Security Staff, and the Parking Personel were African-American! I never cared! I pay for my tickets, I pay for my parking, I pay for my drinks and snacks, and I worship my team! And in case Bob Johnson didn't notice.. I am white!

Days after selling the Charlotte Bobcats, Bob Johnson called Charlotte's business community "arrogant" and "incestuous" and said the city doesn't do enough for existing and potential minority-owned business.
Johnson, a self-made billionaire who started the Black Entertainment Television cable network and brought the Bobcats to Charlotte, made the remarks Saturday at the Urban Leadership Institute, a gathering of mostly black business people.
The group presented Johnson with an award moments before he spoke, though the crowd's reaction was mixed after he made his comments.
"Charlotte is a very, how would I call it, close-knit, arrogant, sometimes incestuous town.
"...It's close-knit, and if you come to this town, and you look like you're one of those people that might break some glass ... it's going to be tough for them to relate to.
"The thing that concerns me is that I'm just surprised that the city doesn't do more for African-American small businesses. And I don't really understand that."

And in case Bob Johnson didn't acknowledge, he only hires African-American people into his multi-million dollar corporation. So who is "incestuous" and "arrogant" ?

NOT me! And I am proud to be from Charlotte and support MY team! (And besides, I have a voice mail from Michael Jordan, on my cell phone thanking me for my support!)
That's Michael, right after he called me, telling Gerald Wallace that he called me, and not to worry about calling me, but that Gerald could wait until the game was over to call me. Because they both knew I would get all crazy about Bob Johnson and go ahead and blog crazy shit and ruin their future ads on BET.
But what Michael and Gerald don't know is that I don't have enough blog traffic to worry about that! 
(Oh and Sporty Spice doesn't know about the hoo-ey that Bob Johnson spouted today, because she loves her Bobcats even more than I and will lose her ever-lovin'-mind! Because like me, she sees the players and the people that love them and not their color!)
So lets not get crazy people, it's all about Orange and Blue! And why Bob Johnson doesn't see that, is because he is only worried about green!
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  1. That's ridicious. It drives me crazy how certain people can be one-sided, but if other people were, the 1st group gets all up in arms.