Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How many kids should you golf with?

This just might be our limit!

I swear, this was not posed for. He is just that naturally cool!
Check out the Chucks!

Day at the beach with Daddy?

She was so pleased that she hit that ball. 
She did however chastize me for my language.
Honey teed off and the ball landed, probably three inches from the hole. To which I yelled, "Damn Honey!" Then Reggie sweetly said, 
"Mommy, I think you are drinking too much beer."
again I say, "Damn Honey! Way to hit that ball!"
(Gonna get a phone call from Dad now about my language!

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Yay! I did it!
(A day long posting issue!)

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Post it note Tuesday!

This is courtesy of Supah Mommy by way of one of my favorite blogs "Hairbows and Guitar Picks"

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Cam's Chicago Conference

Honey and I had a great weekend. We flew to Chicago so to see our son Cam. 
Chicago is so amazing. It is a gorgeous city full of crazy activity. Honey and I lived on the wild side. We took the subway and cabs all over town. We ate at the most interesting restaurants. We ate at Moto, where nothing on your plates is what it seems. But that was okay with us, because we like cool food, being Top Chef junkies.
Cam was there for "The Society for Neuro-Science" meeting. 25,000 people from all over the world come to this meeting. Not just people, I mean scientists. Interesting scientists.
Cam is studying spiders. Something about sucking the DNA out of spiders. He is an interesting science type guy. He stayed with us at out hotel room for one night. Well.... actually he stayed downstairs in the Irish Pub and met more interesting scientists. He is trying to figure out where to apply for grad school. Irish Pubs are for networking.....clearly.

Cam is an intense guy. He can talk to anyone about anything. He never fails to make me laugh. We went to a restaurant where the cook does her own thing and sends out whatever food she feels like. They only ask if you have any allergies or strong dislikes. Cam very seriously said to the waitress, "I draw the line at viscera!", the waitress didn't miss a beat. She said, "our food is viscera-free."

It was so great to see him and spend a little time with him.
That's my boy!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The ever elusive golf swing!

My brother-in-law is adorable. He really takes life so seriously and agonizes over things. Like here.... what is wrong with my swing? But then again, is he different from most men who have been bitten by the golf demon? 
"My swing, my swing,... where for art thou, my perfect swing".
I know my husband has spent probably most of his life, worrying about and nurturing his swing.
(Did I tell you about the time he was practicing his swing with a driver in our bathroom, while looking at the mirror, and took a chunk out of the ceramic tile on our shower wall?"...  Well just cause I am not allowed to "talk" about it , doesn't mean I can't blog about it!)

Now I think his form is pretty darn good there. Left arm straight, right arm bent. Doesn't over swing, his right wrist isn't caved in, into too sharp an angle, (much like moi!) But Honey thinks he doesn't stick his butt out enough and hunches his back a little. No white man I know likes to stick his butt out.
But I have a different theory, based on the perfection that golf is supposed to revolve around.

Check out those socks! The way that little cuffy thing is flipped over in an unplanned way. And the other one? What is going on here?
Fix those socks, and perhaps your swing will respond.

I'm just here to help!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He has more personality than most folks!

Hey Ref! What was that?
Are you kidding me?
Are you blind?
(He comes by this brand of commentary honestly. I am fairly sure Honey and/or I will most definitely be ejected from the sidelines some day!)
Christian school, what were we thinking!
He is trying to scare that little girl.
I am pretty sure he is growling at her right  there.
Which is sad, because back in the kindergarten days, this was his sweetie!
And here he is, up against one of his nemesis's , nemenii?
Whatever. This boys big brother is on the middles school soccer team.
 Ooooooh! That makes him a worthy opponent!
Yeah, how'd that grass taste?

And boys never say , "talk to the hand". They say this,

"I said good-day sir!"

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Etiquette Dinner

She looks happy, but she was mad she didn't get hot shoes too!
But she sure can work it for the camera
You go girl!
But, not liking it so much when Honey sneaks in and spies on her during the dinner.
AND had the nerve to take pictures!
Get used to the paparazzi sweetie girl ,
they are everywhere!

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And so it begins....

Yes, this is the young man that seems to be the apple of my daughters eye. When I say seems to be, it is because she only smirks at his name. As if, it is our imagination. However, the morning that her psycho craziness caused me to blurt out, "Well, your not going to the soccer game today!"
Her head spun around about 20 times, her eyes turned red and she screamed, "YOU HATE ME!"
Then she sobbed dramatically for the entire trip to school.
Ah.. puppy love!
 I cracked.
 I even picked her up at school early to take her to the game, myself.
They smirked at each other.


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Sunday, October 4, 2009

This was not easy.....

First of all, this Jr. Assembley thing really is just a pain in my @$$. Our kids have to dress up, in "church attire" to go learn manners and dancing. Read between the lines! Our kids all discuss before hand,  to what degree of fancy, they will be dressing up to. Typically at 2 or 3 pm of the dreaded day, I will get the wail of, "I have NO shoes to wear!" or even worse,  "I have absolutely nothing to wear!"

This weekend was no exception. But a new layer of emotion was added.
 I will speak in code here. 
The cocoon has burst and a butterfly is emerging. AND as God is my witness, I will stuff that butterfly back in to that thing and wrap it up with duct tape!!!

She already had the dress. Thankfully she was willing to wear it again. Even though, girls document these things, to be used in the future as weapons towards each other in the lunch room.
Hopefully no one will hurl those ugly words at her.
Outfit repeater!!!

However.... it was working for us. But no shoes. She played me like a violin.
"Whatever... I'll just wear rainbows and everyone will make fun of me!"
She never batted an eye. I however, had a full body shudder. Could of been a seizure I don't remember much past the drool.

So off we went to the Shoe Carnival, which I am sure Dante meant to include as a circle of hell. I had my mind set on these cute little Mary Jane heels in the ever re-wearable patent leather look. ICK! NO! Really Mommy! Palease!

Then she brought over some street walker equipment. Uh, little girl! You are 11!
Then I explained that one was required to pass a walking test before possessing shoes with skinny heels and straps.
I swear, she must have been practicing.
 I sulked through the whole check out procedure. Which set the mood, because it got even worse.
The phone rang. The mother of "the boy" who is sweet on my daughter, is asking me if they as a family can pick the two of them up and take them to dinner after their etiquette thingy. I said, "Sorry, we are packing to leave. We are moving to Atlantis. That's right, that experimental under the sea place. Yeah, sorry!" (She wont need those shoes there!)
Back to reality. So I said sure. I acted like I was just waiting for someone to take this super model off of my hands.
We did the whole hair and nails thing. I made a few fake crying sounds. She said I sounded like a dieing baby seal. Thanks! I called her older brother, who always promised me he would be there, the day she went on her fist date, which this felt like!
He was full of excuses, "Mom, I'm like 12 hours away and I have a friend over." Excuses, excuses.... loser!
Whatever. The stupid camera wasn't working. (That's a whole different rant!)
I managed to freeze the moment with my phone.
Doesn't she look sweet? Or is that a smirk? Maybe a bit of smugness? I can't be sure, but I think there is an under lying hint of "I won"!
Later my phone rang, and I swear it sounded like someone who had been crying. The voice whispered, "nice shoes".  It was poor Honey, stuck at work, not knowing how it all went down. 

Bury me in those shoes? Please!

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our new school mascot!

No, not really. But it could be. We actually really like these guys now. They are decoy coyotes. We had a huge goose problem at school. First we liked the geese, they were cute, they honked at us. But then, they started pooping all over our school grounds. The sidewalks,  the soccer fields, it was everywhere. We jokingly said we should change the school mascot to the mighty goose, except we all hated them.
Then one day the coyotes showed up. They scared the pre-schoolers. It was a toss up, let your pre-schooler walk in goose poop everyday, or live in harmony with the coyote.

The geese are gone.
The coyote wins!

His name is Edward! 
He has four brothers, sculking somewhere around campus!

Just in case they seem too real to you, they are plastic coyotes made by the fish and game commission to scare away geese!

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