Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still laughing..... Snow day part 2

Okay.... so there is not a spec of snow or ice on the main road of our neighborhood. I have ventured to the big city to take one of our sleepover girls home. YET there is still 6 inches of ice and snow on my back deck. AKA Where the sun don't shine.
There is no school tomorrow for any county or private schools in our area. There is no precipitation in our forecast, only coldness.
So turn off your sprinkler systems neighbors or we will actually be stuck home tomorrow!
And Momma has a free shopping with the kids day!
Woo-Hoo Brighton here I come! I am thinking Olive Garden followed by a little Books-A-Million. We have an orthodontist appointment but it may be cancelled as well, due to dangerous conditions!
Party on people, it's another family slumber party!
Nothing new here.... except!
One new sledding injury!
Boy vs. Mailbox
The mailbox did not shed a tear!

Two new friends who will most likely leave their clothes in the yard and make a run for it!

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They said it would snow.... we laughed!

We were wrong! We invited two extra kids for a sleepover. We boldly took them to play bingo and have pizza. We laughed at the silly little flakes on our windshield. My husband and I had mocked everyone who was frantically rushing to the grocery store.(Though we had stocked up as well. We just acted real causal about it.)
When we all woke up the next morning, this is what we saw out the front door.

Yes, it looks harmless.
However, that slushy looking stuff in the cul-de-sac, is in fact ice!
 At this point we are screwed
It froze so quickly we didn't even have time to laugh about it! As you can see the sledding brigade is already forming.
This is view from up the hill. Straight ice, all the way down to our house.
Again I say, screwed.
Basically stuck in little suburbia until something melts it. There are no salt trucks for neighborhood roads in this town. All de-icing goes on the major roads.
The real men of the hood, all hike to the top to evaluate to what level rescue is available. The MD's start hiking to the major roads, because their jobs are kinda important.
However, extreme sledding has begun.
Certain things are tolerated in a snowbound situation.
For example, you may play in the carefully sculpted landscaping areas. All for the art of war.
You may order smaller children around as if they were your minions. In order to prepare the perfect snowball assault on the older unsuspecting kids. (You have waited all year for this).

Like this older kid here. She will feel snowballs down the back of her coat soon.
In the meantime, she will grasp any opportunity to pose for a potential addition to her portfolio. (R.E.I. just might need the extreme wear junior model).
This is the end of day one. They have worn every bit of our ski attire. They have consumed, sausage biscuits, bacon, gallons of orange juice, grilled cheese, tomato soup, hot cocoa, brownies, ziti and meatballs. We are still frozen in and luckily we still have our electricity. (Here in the south, frozen, icy, (weak southern )tree branches, have no choice but to faint in the crisp weather and take out all the nearby electric lines. Sometimes for days!
Day two, still frozen in, still sledding. Neighbors chipping away at their driveways, but everyone is ignoring the big elephant! The frozen main road. The temp will not exceed the freezing point today. We already have eaten pancakes and bacon. I am now working on chili. Honey is on his way out the door to work. He has a four wheel drive truck, but saves it for job emergencies. Like right now! By Honey... see ya later! Could be days!
At this point all churches were cancelled for today, and we are all wondering about school tomorrow. We also missed going to the circus in town, which was a huge drag for the kids.
We'll see!
And these two little xtra girls? All mine! I hope their parents don't miss them too much, cause they are stayin for a while!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

I have a secret.....

In my past posts I have referred to the fact that I have had surgery. The past two weeks I have had a dire need to be extremely comfortable. In a drastic moment after a shower when I was feeling particularly miserable and uncomfortable, I grabbed a pair of my Honey's boxers. Well.... they were so comfortable and I was amazed. Since then I have snagged all of his Hanes boxer-briefs.

Yes my Honey DOES look this good.... to me. He is a little hairy-er. But the undies are awesome. No panty lines, no wedgies and you can't tell they have long legs even under snug jeans.
I just went to Sam's Club and bought us 16 pairs and have cleaned out his drawer of his older brands.
Aren't we just sickening?
Hey... comfort first!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grab A Hankie....

This past weekend we were at a two day cheer leading competition. Not just any ordinary competition but the Universal Spirit of Hope. Hope Stout was an amazing girl who died from her agressive bone cancer shortly after being diagnosed.

 When approached by the Make-A-Wish-Fundation, her one wish was to make others kids wishes come true. She and her parents started a foundation called  March Forth With Hope to make those things happen. The goal of March Forth With Hope is to provide support to families who spend time with their very sick children in the hospital and risk losing their jobs and homes.

When Hope died she had successfully brought to fruition the wishes of 155 other children.
March Forth With Hope continues to partner with other companies to grow their charity.This weekends cheer competition was just that. Cheerleaders from all over the United States came to the great city of Charlotte to take part in this huge charity event. When I say huge, it was an two-day ALL day event. We were exhausted. From begining to end it was an emotional journey. My two girls cheered on several teams. Here is their tumbling coach. He is an amazing european rock-star type! They love him!!!

Day one had it's down fall, and this baby-girl always takes it personally. Very, very, personally.

Come on for Mommy. Kissy kissy kissy! Big smile baby please??????

Thank You! That is so much better. Now let's fix that hair for round two!!

Not so sensitive daughter was done cheering early so it was easy for her slide into stooge mode for the rest of the day.

Easy to do when you already have a stooge  built into the family!

At the end of the day, everyone had medals, but it's not about the medals, it's about the sportsmanship. Really!!I do feel that way!!! 
Thank You Hope Stout!!!
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What I meant to say Wednesday (Yesterday)

Does my new purse go with my shoes?

What I Meant To Say Is....

This is so gross! I want my body in original factory condition. Someone hit the restore button! I have much better things to do than "take is easy" or "celebrate a bowel movement!" Vera Bradley doesn't make a cover for one of those things!
My pain is so much better, when I don't move and I can actually sleep again. So okay, Ashton! I am done being  punked. You got me now. OKAY!
Thank the Lord in Heaven that Project Runway is on tonight!!!!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking forward to a long nap!!!!!!

Today I am having surgery. Nothing glamorous! My insides look like a Rubik's cube from previous surgieries and they are going to straighten them out in 12 moves or less. I say, just go for one side of all the same color! Good enough for me! But gotta get it done, none the less. My husband in an anesthesiologist. AKA "The Sandman". And this is how I envision him at work. He's a funny guy.
And here are some of the things he might say!

"Tell ya what, I'll put him to sleep for free but it's gonna cost ya to wake him up!"

"Tell ya what, I'll put him to sleep as soon as you guarantee I will be out in time for the Bobcats!, and throw in a pre-game beer!"

"Go ahead and close your eyes when I put your IV in, and I will too!"

"This is your first time being put to sleep? Tell ya a secret, this is my first time too!"

"Gotta a music preference? You look like a "Twinkle Twinkle" gal, but I am thinking more "Enter the Sandman" by Metallica."

"Hey can I write down what you say?"

Oh and he always calls his guy patients "Chief" and his girl patients "Doll". Which pisses me off when he calls me Doll, because he's in professional mode. BOO! He's my sexy doctor, call me Sweetie! (OH you should see him in scrubs.... nurses page him to the recovery room, just to watch him walk away!) Sigh. I used to do the same thing too!

Well he's not my doctor today, so he better not call me doll! He'll be very very busy with his Blackberry letting everyone else scurry around. And he will for sure be talkng about the fact that he will be at the Bobcat game this afternoon. More like rubbing it in. I will be asleep at home, waking to the smell of my MaMa's Meatballs! Whose lucky now?

I have some hilarious tales of the weekend to blog, but will later under the effects of drugs, to make it funnier for you and me!

Gotta go put on my sexy socks!
Ciao for now!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love my Honey's pictures!

This is the coolest picture. It is so much more than a jump ball. In the next picture (which was too blurry) the ball is gone and the guys are holding hands. Well not really holding hands, but left ball-less (can I say that?) and awkward.
Fellowship of the Ball!
Now this is what my son loves to do. Make the players sign his shoes.
(okay a 4 foot boy does not make a seven foot man do anything. He just smiles and shames them into it.)

This is Boris Diaw. He is becomeing one of my favorite players. They say he is fat, they say he is out of shape, they say his days are numbered. 
I think he has a nice smile and looks like he is having a fun time playing. He manages to score alot too! Other guys look like it is torture and like they want to kill people.
He's from France and his name is Boris? Two, cool points!

Here is crazy Gerald Wallace. He is insane, as well you may know, from perhaps reading my blog? I Love watching him play, but he does have that tortured, "I'm gonna kill you" look. It's AWESOME!
And he doesn't mind signing a shoe or two.

But the best is for last!
This is Shane Battier. He rocked the backboard for Duke 9 years ago. He was a Thoeology major and an all around great guy. We were desperatly trying to find a name for our soon to be born sweet baby son. Shane felt like a great match to our last name. And Shane he became!

Now 9 years later he plays for the Houston Rockets, and is no slouch, I might add! He continues to be a great guy and was more than happy to have his picture taken with our Shane. He's a little goofy looking when he smiles, but a star on the court!!
Oh he signed the shoe too!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post - It Note Tuesday!!!!!

Go ahead, you know you want to play! Check out what Supah has to say!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are you kidding me?

Last night we were at the Bobcat game, in which Gerald Wallace sunk a three pointer at the buzzer and beat the Grizzlies!!! 
You Gerald, are a maniac!
That's why we are crazy about you! Because you are crazy! You started it!
Just be so thankful you are not my son, (seriously) cause I would have to kill you for how many times you  make me gasp during the games. Now go send your mother some flowers. Poor woman probably needs nerve pills too!

 But here is what I really can't quite process. Or maybe "processing" had something to do with it.....

This girl was at the game last night. She looked for sale  awful cute, in her little Bobcats jersey and hat. She was probably in her mid 20's.
I just happened to glance her direction during the Star Spangled Banner, when I observed her holding her right hand reverently over the right side of her chest! As God is my witness and Frank E. Nutter is my anatomical mentor!!!  I doubt she had the rare cardiac abnormality in which her heart is actually on the right side of her chest, but one never knows. So I quickly  spit out my beer diet coke, okay more like spewed it on the row in front of me, nudged my sis-in-law, a doctor, who also spewed then we tried so hard not to cry with hysterical laughter till the Banner was finished. The children glared at us because of our poor patriotic manners. They will get over it, I embarrass them a lot.
Pay attention people are always watching you!!!!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello New Friends and goodbye Christmas!

Aren't they sexy? Hmmmm? I am in love! They do everything in the world that a washing machine and dryer can do. In fact later I will be stuffing the boxer in there, and then the leather couch. Perhaps the china and then Honey's cute little Porche.
Everything comes back out clean and smelling good!
I will have washed everything in the house, including comforters, pillows and sleeping bags. Then.... I will sit down and smoke a whole box of cigarettes.

Now on to that game... "One of these things is not like the other... One of these things just doesn't belong..."
This is my Nativity set, that was my mothers, and now mine. I just love it. Anything look out of place?

Okay, the stable was actually built my daughter as a history project. It is supposed to be a house built by the Creek indians. But it fits in well.
Now this guy, is out of place, a bit!

He came home with us after a Holiday Dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.
The girls were 3 and 4 then, and matter of factly put him in the Nativity scenario. They felt like he needed to be part of the celebration of baby Jesus being born. It worked for me. We believe what we believe. Baby Jesus was born, and everyone was happy.
My father on the other hand is very strict about who was invited to be in the Nativity. No new guys! No new Chinese guys either. When he visits, Pap Pap always mysteriously relocates Budda to somewhere in the house and it's always like, "Where's Waldo". He joined our Nativity 7 years ago, I think he's comfortable with the crowd. It's the weirdness that makes my family complete!

Disclaimer: This is meant as no disrespect for any religion. We however are Christians. We put stars on the top of our trees and other people put top hats on theirs. Believe what you want and decorate how you like.
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