Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still laughing..... Snow day part 2

Okay.... so there is not a spec of snow or ice on the main road of our neighborhood. I have ventured to the big city to take one of our sleepover girls home. YET there is still 6 inches of ice and snow on my back deck. AKA Where the sun don't shine.
There is no school tomorrow for any county or private schools in our area. There is no precipitation in our forecast, only coldness.
So turn off your sprinkler systems neighbors or we will actually be stuck home tomorrow!
And Momma has a free shopping with the kids day!
Woo-Hoo Brighton here I come! I am thinking Olive Garden followed by a little Books-A-Million. We have an orthodontist appointment but it may be cancelled as well, due to dangerous conditions!
Party on people, it's another family slumber party!
Nothing new here.... except!
One new sledding injury!
Boy vs. Mailbox
The mailbox did not shed a tear!

Two new friends who will most likely leave their clothes in the yard and make a run for it!

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  1. Your snowmen are cute. We're so bad. We didn't even put the kids out in the snow today. I didn't want to fool with the mess on top of my regular mess. They didn't ask so I didn't offer.

  2. I'm so sad that we didn't get a single snow day this year...

    Glad you guys are having fun. Hope your boy shows that mailbox who's boss next time :D