Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yes, It has been a while! But things need to be shared!

My Baby loves soccer!

 But in this town, we have the best. Now I am not racist. Not at all. I totally celebrate cultural diversity. But in this town, you need to play soccer with the Mexicans. No, you need to learn from them. But no! There is no getting on those teams!  Waiting list!!!
At the local high school, when they come on the field, the crowd silences. I am not kidding!
So check out these boys.
 The Fuego!

I mean seriously! Who else could rock the pastel cleats! And topped with a mohawk?

They were amazing. They brought out the worst and the best in my son. Not a lot of whistles blown this morning. AND there were elbows flying everywhere. See my son? Foul, foul and FOUL!
Okay, so the ethnic diversity continues. We have in our county coaches from Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, and of course the local boys.
But our secret weapon is.... The Samoan!
 He sounds like James Earl Jones, but louder. It is music to my ears. He delivers a constant commentary of where he wants these boys to be, and what his expectations are. The boys absolutely thrive on it.
This chipper North Carolina morning, my son's thighs and face are chapped! And he stripped to remove his under armour, not long after this. (I was wrapped up in a blanket. I would perish back in old PA).
He could feel his toes sometime around lunch and then was back in our yard kicking his ball around!
The Young and The Driven!

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