Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trying to get back in the swing of things.....

Everyone goes through their ups and their downs. Tastes change, circumstances change, waist lines change. Our election is emotionally driven, our gas prices are on a roller coaster, and my favorite lipstick color is discontinued. 
My children have a secret election everyday to see who will torture me next. I think they called it the "bat-shit crazy stick" and they pass it around like a relay baton. I have two living out of the house right now.... but you just never know what tomorrow will bring. 
Sadly my sweet boxer was killed by a coyote. She killed one herself months before, so her record is
 1-1. Sad.

We recently went on a cruise over New Years. It was an interesting group of lessons learned. 
New Orleans is freezing cold in December, and even if your boat is pointed south, it's mot magically hot once you board. Next time I will take a parka!
Drivers in Jamaica are crazy! (I think the kids gave our driver... the stick.) I'm not a fan of their sales tactics and I don't like people toughing my kids. Dunns River Falls, however was fabulous!
The Grand Caymans are beautiful! The sting rays did not care for me. That's okay, at least they kept their barby things to themselves.
Cozumel was lovely. Margaritas are lovely, enough said.
Our cruise captain was from Norway, but every time he spoke over the loud speaker, all I could envision was the The Swedish Chef from the muppets, driving the boat!

New Years Eve with hundreds of people who were all handed noise makes was really fun!
A few of my loveys are below.
Doesn't she look like a smooth criminal?

It was like being yelled at by a goose.

He thought it was presidents day?

And on that note

Stay thirsty my friends!
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