Sunday, January 31, 2010

They said it would snow.... we laughed!

We were wrong! We invited two extra kids for a sleepover. We boldly took them to play bingo and have pizza. We laughed at the silly little flakes on our windshield. My husband and I had mocked everyone who was frantically rushing to the grocery store.(Though we had stocked up as well. We just acted real causal about it.)
When we all woke up the next morning, this is what we saw out the front door.

Yes, it looks harmless.
However, that slushy looking stuff in the cul-de-sac, is in fact ice!
 At this point we are screwed
It froze so quickly we didn't even have time to laugh about it! As you can see the sledding brigade is already forming.
This is view from up the hill. Straight ice, all the way down to our house.
Again I say, screwed.
Basically stuck in little suburbia until something melts it. There are no salt trucks for neighborhood roads in this town. All de-icing goes on the major roads.
The real men of the hood, all hike to the top to evaluate to what level rescue is available. The MD's start hiking to the major roads, because their jobs are kinda important.
However, extreme sledding has begun.
Certain things are tolerated in a snowbound situation.
For example, you may play in the carefully sculpted landscaping areas. All for the art of war.
You may order smaller children around as if they were your minions. In order to prepare the perfect snowball assault on the older unsuspecting kids. (You have waited all year for this).

Like this older kid here. She will feel snowballs down the back of her coat soon.
In the meantime, she will grasp any opportunity to pose for a potential addition to her portfolio. (R.E.I. just might need the extreme wear junior model).
This is the end of day one. They have worn every bit of our ski attire. They have consumed, sausage biscuits, bacon, gallons of orange juice, grilled cheese, tomato soup, hot cocoa, brownies, ziti and meatballs. We are still frozen in and luckily we still have our electricity. (Here in the south, frozen, icy, (weak southern )tree branches, have no choice but to faint in the crisp weather and take out all the nearby electric lines. Sometimes for days!
Day two, still frozen in, still sledding. Neighbors chipping away at their driveways, but everyone is ignoring the big elephant! The frozen main road. The temp will not exceed the freezing point today. We already have eaten pancakes and bacon. I am now working on chili. Honey is on his way out the door to work. He has a four wheel drive truck, but saves it for job emergencies. Like right now! By Honey... see ya later! Could be days!
At this point all churches were cancelled for today, and we are all wondering about school tomorrow. We also missed going to the circus in town, which was a huge drag for the kids.
We'll see!
And these two little xtra girls? All mine! I hope their parents don't miss them too much, cause they are stayin for a while!

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  1. Nada here. A few flurries and a little sleet. Every county around us is closed or has a delay tomorrow. Not us! Hmmmph. That's what I get for being so well prepared....

  2. That pic is so cute.. on the couch.

    Good memories !