Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love my Honey's pictures!

This is the coolest picture. It is so much more than a jump ball. In the next picture (which was too blurry) the ball is gone and the guys are holding hands. Well not really holding hands, but left ball-less (can I say that?) and awkward.
Fellowship of the Ball!
Now this is what my son loves to do. Make the players sign his shoes.
(okay a 4 foot boy does not make a seven foot man do anything. He just smiles and shames them into it.)

This is Boris Diaw. He is becomeing one of my favorite players. They say he is fat, they say he is out of shape, they say his days are numbered. 
I think he has a nice smile and looks like he is having a fun time playing. He manages to score alot too! Other guys look like it is torture and like they want to kill people.
He's from France and his name is Boris? Two, cool points!

Here is crazy Gerald Wallace. He is insane, as well you may know, from perhaps reading my blog? I Love watching him play, but he does have that tortured, "I'm gonna kill you" look. It's AWESOME!
And he doesn't mind signing a shoe or two.

But the best is for last!
This is Shane Battier. He rocked the backboard for Duke 9 years ago. He was a Thoeology major and an all around great guy. We were desperatly trying to find a name for our soon to be born sweet baby son. Shane felt like a great match to our last name. And Shane he became!

Now 9 years later he plays for the Houston Rockets, and is no slouch, I might add! He continues to be a great guy and was more than happy to have his picture taken with our Shane. He's a little goofy looking when he smiles, but a star on the court!!
Oh he signed the shoe too!
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  1. Wow! That is a great shot!! When we were in Texas we went to a Spurs game and they wouldn't let me take in a camera with a detachable lens. It was a 55mm external flash. Ridiculous!! I just wanted to take pics of my kids while we were in town. I was pissed!!!

    Oh, and my son has that same pullover from Gap. Good taste! ;)

  2. Tell "Honey" great pictures! We are taking G & D to the game Wednesday, D can't wait after seeing the jump ball picture.