Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grab A Hankie....

This past weekend we were at a two day cheer leading competition. Not just any ordinary competition but the Universal Spirit of Hope. Hope Stout was an amazing girl who died from her agressive bone cancer shortly after being diagnosed.

 When approached by the Make-A-Wish-Fundation, her one wish was to make others kids wishes come true. She and her parents started a foundation called  March Forth With Hope to make those things happen. The goal of March Forth With Hope is to provide support to families who spend time with their very sick children in the hospital and risk losing their jobs and homes.

When Hope died she had successfully brought to fruition the wishes of 155 other children.
March Forth With Hope continues to partner with other companies to grow their charity.This weekends cheer competition was just that. Cheerleaders from all over the United States came to the great city of Charlotte to take part in this huge charity event. When I say huge, it was an two-day ALL day event. We were exhausted. From begining to end it was an emotional journey. My two girls cheered on several teams. Here is their tumbling coach. He is an amazing european rock-star type! They love him!!!

Day one had it's down fall, and this baby-girl always takes it personally. Very, very, personally.

Come on for Mommy. Kissy kissy kissy! Big smile baby please??????

Thank You! That is so much better. Now let's fix that hair for round two!!

Not so sensitive daughter was done cheering early so it was easy for her slide into stooge mode for the rest of the day.

Easy to do when you already have a stooge  built into the family!

At the end of the day, everyone had medals, but it's not about the medals, it's about the sportsmanship. Really!!I do feel that way!!! 
Thank You Hope Stout!!!
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  1. As always your girls are drop dead beautiful. If only they were a little younger or my boys a little older - we'd be calling to talk arranged unions! Hope you have rested well and that you are being treated like a princess!

  2. I missed this one! Your girls ARE beautiful!