Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are you kidding me?

Last night we were at the Bobcat game, in which Gerald Wallace sunk a three pointer at the buzzer and beat the Grizzlies!!! 
You Gerald, are a maniac!
That's why we are crazy about you! Because you are crazy! You started it!
Just be so thankful you are not my son, (seriously) cause I would have to kill you for how many times you  make me gasp during the games. Now go send your mother some flowers. Poor woman probably needs nerve pills too!

 But here is what I really can't quite process. Or maybe "processing" had something to do with it.....

This girl was at the game last night. She looked for sale  awful cute, in her little Bobcats jersey and hat. She was probably in her mid 20's.
I just happened to glance her direction during the Star Spangled Banner, when I observed her holding her right hand reverently over the right side of her chest! As God is my witness and Frank E. Nutter is my anatomical mentor!!!  I doubt she had the rare cardiac abnormality in which her heart is actually on the right side of her chest, but one never knows. So I quickly  spit out my beer diet coke, okay more like spewed it on the row in front of me, nudged my sis-in-law, a doctor, who also spewed then we tried so hard not to cry with hysterical laughter till the Banner was finished. The children glared at us because of our poor patriotic manners. They will get over it, I embarrass them a lot.
Pay attention people are always watching you!!!!

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  1. You know.....this is really the kind of post that NEEDS a pic to go with it. ;)

    BTW, we went to a Bobcats game a couple of years ago when my friend worked for them. It is an awesome coliseum!