Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our new school mascot!

No, not really. But it could be. We actually really like these guys now. They are decoy coyotes. We had a huge goose problem at school. First we liked the geese, they were cute, they honked at us. But then, they started pooping all over our school grounds. The sidewalks,  the soccer fields, it was everywhere. We jokingly said we should change the school mascot to the mighty goose, except we all hated them.
Then one day the coyotes showed up. They scared the pre-schoolers. It was a toss up, let your pre-schooler walk in goose poop everyday, or live in harmony with the coyote.

The geese are gone.
The coyote wins!

His name is Edward! 
He has four brothers, sculking somewhere around campus!

Just in case they seem too real to you, they are plastic coyotes made by the fish and game commission to scare away geese!

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  1. makes you wonder if the geese will catch on sooner or later unless the school grounds move the coyotes around. people put up pretend owls here to keep the black birds away; doesn't help much I fear

    you have a cute blog and a beautiful family


  2. That kinda scared the crap out of me.