Thursday, October 15, 2009

The ever elusive golf swing!

My brother-in-law is adorable. He really takes life so seriously and agonizes over things. Like here.... what is wrong with my swing? But then again, is he different from most men who have been bitten by the golf demon? 
"My swing, my swing,... where for art thou, my perfect swing".
I know my husband has spent probably most of his life, worrying about and nurturing his swing.
(Did I tell you about the time he was practicing his swing with a driver in our bathroom, while looking at the mirror, and took a chunk out of the ceramic tile on our shower wall?"...  Well just cause I am not allowed to "talk" about it , doesn't mean I can't blog about it!)

Now I think his form is pretty darn good there. Left arm straight, right arm bent. Doesn't over swing, his right wrist isn't caved in, into too sharp an angle, (much like moi!) But Honey thinks he doesn't stick his butt out enough and hunches his back a little. No white man I know likes to stick his butt out.
But I have a different theory, based on the perfection that golf is supposed to revolve around.

Check out those socks! The way that little cuffy thing is flipped over in an unplanned way. And the other one? What is going on here?
Fix those socks, and perhaps your swing will respond.

I'm just here to help!

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  1. I have to say that I find the slouchy sock thing endearing; if he were fastidious about *everything* in golf, it might be unbearable.

    Aren't we glad he's not wearing plaid pants? :D

    (Thanks for visiting me, and adding me to your blogroll!)

  2. Stephanie is right thank god his short aren't plaid!

    I love your blog....