Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shameless beef-cake posting!

Okay... I' ll be honest, I am not above flashing pictures of my kids now and then. But in order to win something? 

 You Betcha!
Here's hoping Vodkamoms girls check this out!
Let the show begin.
Bachelor #1 is currently applying to grad school. His resume of academic achievements is longer than my grocery list after a two-week vacation.
Bachelor #2 is currently sought after by many.
He's kind of like Austin Powers. 
Women want him, men want to be him!

Bachelor's #1 & #2 at the beach playing music for the tourists. Crazy boys bought a two-day performance license and had a good old time.
Note the ever changing lengths of hair.

And one more, because my girls think He's the cutest!
Yep, He is the cutest! But not available ladies! Not in this decade!

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  1. I had to come from VM's to see the cute boys, lol! They're all 3 handsome for sure, you must be beating the girls away with sticks at your house :-)

  2. Pimpin' ain't easy......

    All your boys are handsome...but your little one is waaaay too cute!!

    *pinches cheeks*

  3. They ARE good-lookin'! I just can't imagine you with children this old.