Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eyeliner is the scourge of all man kind!

I was never a girly-girl! In my mind, my girls wouldn't be applying eyeliner and the such till their wedding days.
I think that's how it worked for me.
Many a miserable attempt at eye liner through the years, brought me to a close relationship with Bobbi Brown. "She" taught me the ever wonderful powder liner, with cute little flat edge brush."She" had me at "easy"!
What I didn't notice was the fine print.

"Will not cut the mustard for competition make-up. Risk of ridicule and mockery if not attempted by a professional"
Thus began the trial and tribulations of liquid versus pencil versus gel, versus DSS involvement! (Because when you duct tape your child to the floor to try and put her eye liner on, all sorts of "promises" are made.)

It was time to set them free.

I gave them everything they wanted to try with.

I fail to have the hotel mirror at home! And it was awesome!

Actually there are a lot of things at the hotel that made the whole experience pretty  tolerable! Breakfast on a cart, Daddy and little brother kicked to the curb, fresh sheets at bed time, the list goes on..

 Et Voila !
She did it all herself! I only helped a little and drank a bunch of hotel coffee.
The other one, was in a bit of a mood and was anti-paparazzi. (They stalk her so!)
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  1. Very nice! I still can't work with liquid eyeliner! I suck at make up!