Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am very nervous and I need to grow up!

There are so many things coming up for my kids. Soccer game today, cheer try-outs in another week. Cheer evaluations at their All-Star program. Science Fair. Competition this weekend in Myrtle Beach.
But I am nervous about..... me.
I am golfing with "the ladies" today. And I don't mean "the ladies" in a bad way. I mean it in a "they could show Tiger a thing or to" way. (about fidelity to start with... I digress.)
They are really nice to me and helpful and supportive. But I think they would all pass if they had to teach me Bridge too.
Last week we played Captain's Choice. Which means we all hit the ball, and we pick the best ball to hit from again. No brainer. 
Here is where I smile and nod.
Today however, I am responsible for my own ball.
Picture me with a scuba mask on, or digging to China in the sand trap.
I will admit, I am anxiously waiting to see if any of my kids become suddenly ill.
Or my husband needs something to be brought to him at work, or the school needs a sub, (never have they called me, because I am not exactly on the list.)
OR, we have a sudden snow storm, or I break a nail, or Michael Jordan calls me for team advice.  HEY, it could happen!
But, this means a lot to my sweet Honey. He is so proud of me. He is so happy. He has always wanted me to share in his addiction passion.
So I will pull up my big girl (really big girl) panties, put on my sports bra, (because if I don't strap down these big boys, I can't hold my club right)!, and get ready..
I am however, driving the kids to school while wearing a nightgown. Just in case I get pulled over, they will haul me away for being a loon!
My goal for the day is to not humiliate myself or cause death by boredom to my partners.
Perhaps if I am humbled for the day, I will not be the crazy soccer fan at my daughters game later, that she despises!
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. lol!!

    aawww..i am looking forward to being able to embarrass my own daughter, just like my mom did to me!!!

  2. This made me giggle. I hope it went well and wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.

  3. You are soo soo funny. came to grab your button. Love the picture of the lady. I have the same braw issues.

  4. For real. I can't play because my boobs are too big.