Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Always ask for DETAILS!

My friend asked me to join the ladies golf league at our local country club.
I laughed, and said something like, "don't you have to know how to play first?"
She said, "the ladies are so nice and all you need is to be able to hit a little and they will help you."

So I signed up. And my personal goal for the day was, "not to suck!"

Today I played with three lovely ladies. Each and every one of them, were older than my parents. These are the things that I learned.

1. Ladies golf is every Tuesday till next Thanksgiving!
2. They play 18 holes without stopping for lunch, only the potty!
3. They play in winds that pull the flag out of the pin.
4. They cuss like sailors, and wiggle eyebrows about the cuties in the pro shop. (Ick!)
They were very very nice, funny ladies!

It was grueling in the wind, and lasted five hours. I am exhausted but do not go off of mommy-duty till probably 10pm.

I did NOT suck, but if one of those ladies would have fired up a doobie, I would have!

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  1. LOL...At least they were nice! I hope you enjoy this!

  2. That's why get along so well! Your golf game is probably about as good as mine! My gmother is one of those ladies.

  3. LMAO!!!

    These are my kind of ladies!