Thursday, March 25, 2010

Messages from #1 Son A.K.A Mad Scientist!

Message on answering machine:

Hey Mom! We did the craziest thing in the lab today. We were working with pharmaceutical leeches, and I thought it would be cool to put one on me. But I forgot that I hadn't had breakfast or lunch. And I didn't really eat much for dinner last night, so it got all crazy. It was awesome!


Then I got this on my cell phone!

Those crazy college kids!

Now on a very proud Mama note. Tomorrow the girls and I leave for our last cheer competition of the season. Myrtle Beach, no less. Where the weather is expected to be rainy and cold. Sounds like fun!
But here is the fun part. Posh Spice was cheering on two teams. A high level and a mid level team. It was too much for her and us, and she (we) dropped the high level team in January. It made life so much better for us time wise, and her stress level decreased significantly. But she missed the elite-ness, and I understand. Well today I got a phone call from the coach that sadly, a team member had sprained her ankle and wouldn't be able to make practice this evening, and could Posh fill in? (Now we all knew that since we leave for this competition tomorrow, a sprained ankle is the kiss of death.)
 Posh was more than happy to step in. She practiced with the team like a champ tonight. She was all rosy cheeks, sweaty hair and big old smile! AND she started throwing her tuck! What that means is she did a round-off, back hand spring, back tuck! It's a tough skill and she hadn't quite mastered it back in January. Tonight she threw it like nobody's business, and they want her to do it at the competition on Saturday and Sunday. Plus performing with her sister on the other team.
Posh is on clouds, nine, ten and eleven!
If Posh likes anything, she likes to perform!

In her world, it is show time! Every day, all day!
(This is an old picture from a different team, different gym, but that similar good feeling!)

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  1. You should be a very proud mama! How old was she when she first started cheering? My 4 year old is on a special need team and she has falling in love with it. We have decided to keep her on the special need team one more year and then she will move to the showteam and if she still wants to try out for a competitive team.

  2. I needed that leech for my Supah's Survivor challenge!

    Your daughter is awesome. :)

  3. The leech grossed me out. But Posh made me smile! I hope they do great!

  4. eewww...that leech!!

    Your daughter is cool!!

  5. SA(V)M--I have missed you on FB! Messaged D(V)F, and learned about your blog. I loved perusing proud of you.
    Have a blessed Holy Week and a wonderful Easter!