Monday, February 15, 2010

My Olympic Sweetie Pie!

Alex Bilodeaux
What a cute boy! Won the gold medal in something. I think he had skis on. Any way, his story was all about his older brother who has cerebral palsy. His brother was never supposed to be walking at his age and is managing to walk sometimes and can even ski. He dedicated his medal to his brother. Canada got a quick nod, but it was for his brother. 
Okay... how many mothers, daughters and women of every age,  want to snatch him up right now!

You cute little thing with the french accent! I am throwing Apollo Anton to the curb! But Anton has that cute little team mate J.R. who nearly died last year..... I am a sucker for the whole life story, not just their performance.

What endears you to your Olympic athlete?

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  1. I saw this story (because I watch the Olympics way too much :) and my heart melted too! How completely wise beyond his years...this guy was so humble and just talked about how amazing his brother was! Humility is not something you see much of anymore and it was definitely endearing!