Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three big winners and the funniest commercial I have ever seen!

If I told you that competition cheerleading was loaded with drama, would you believe me? Would you laugh at me? Would, as a dear bloggy friend, at least continue reading???
Believe me it is, over-saturated with drama, and it is okay to laugh. Because today my girls; a seasoned fourth year competitor and her rookie sister, both won first place together. It was a great victory!  This competition was delayed three hours from the six inches of snow that we got pummeled with last night, and that gave them all the more time to unravel with nerves.
They will fight over this plaque till they have to return it to the gym on Wednesday. I think sweet cheeks on the left has it under her pillow right now!

Okay... big winner number three!
(This picture is my actual food. Complete with my Mic Ultra)

I made it exactly as to the recipe, except I cut the cayenne in half, and threw it in the crock pot for 8 hours after the whole saute onion part. My kids loved it, my Honey loved it. It was really fantastic!

Okay last but not least.
It is NBA All-Star week. In case you haven't noticed, I am entranced with basketball, in particular my Charlotte Bobcats. My Bobcat All-Star Gerald Wallace, is in the slam dunk contest tonight, so all eye's are on the TV. Well...  actually we are aggressively flipping between NBA and The Olympics.
BUT.. for those of you who enjoy great commercials, the NBA ones are by far the best.
Check out this one!
It is priceless. My husband rewound it and we watched it three times. It is hysterical.

Please... I beg you, watch this just once, for me!

And may I close with one profound quote by Charles Barkley.

"Gatorade doesn't help the athletes that really suck!"
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  1. Love the commercial and the quote. :)

    Congrats to your beautiful girls!!!!!