Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I meant to say! It's Wednesday!

This little blondie here, is Lindsey Jacobellis. She did NOT win the gold medal in Turino  four years ago, because she was hot dogging, and she slipped and ended up with the silver. Poor girl.
Thousands of interviews, photo shoots, and four years later....
Yesterday was supposed to be her big win. But... she didn't even make it down the hill. True conditions were awful, the slope was slushy and rutted, and every one was struggling.

Sorry Lindsey! Maybe you will have another chance.

What I Meant to Say

I just can't even be that bad, but it includes the words:
cocky, smug, chickie, seriousness, athlete, olympic, honor, example, children,
shame, maturity.
String them all together in "no particular order", and you get my meaning.

Keeping in mind that I am trying to groom my young athletic children in a way that they will benefit as young adults and make me proud as a mom.

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