Sunday, January 3, 2010

The tall and the short of it......

Grandma and my elusive, very tall, wayward son. It was a true gift to see him over the holidays. Not once but twice!!!
Isn't he handsome?
We have no idea why is so tall.... must be something he ate as a child.
It certainly doesn't run in the family. AND YES, he looks just like his Dad!

The little kids don't see enough of him, so treat him like a toy. A really tall toy.
I guess they are like those crazy explorers who saw a tall mountain and said to each other, "We must climb that thing!"

One kid is not so bad.

But these kids tend to get out of hand!!!
Maybe this is why he doesn't come around much!

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  1. Oh my goodness...he really IS SO TALL! I often wonder about my boys and if they will tower over me one day. So hard to imagine now...but I'm sure you were saying the same thing not too long ago!