Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not to Be Out Done By Daddy!!

My girls like to be cut loose in the kitchen. They want me to be around but not to hover. She was in the mood for this, but as a dessert for our "lay around and watch TV because daddy's out of town", evening. (Which he might say is pretty standard.... but he's not here!)
Broiled Bacon and Banana

This is so easy! Half a slice of bacon wrapped around 1/4 of a banana . Secured with a wooden toothpick. NOT a plastic one!
(Just in case you noticed in the picture, Krispy Kreme dough nuts are pretty much on stand-by, in all situations in our house! Just in case you have a hypo-glycemic emergency, I will be ready! I will save your life!)

She want me to get the close up "money shot".
Put them on a pammed up broiler pan. They will stick. They go into an oven on broiler mode. I put them in the middle rack because the broiler and I have history.
They need to be watched! When they look like this, bacon getting crispy, time to turn them. 

Continue till crispy on the other side. The bananas will get spongey looking. No worries, it's just their sugar expanding. They will be super hot, so hold back for a bit before you eat them.
My sister in law taught me this one. They are an "Island thing". Not sure what Island, I wasn't paying attention to that part because,  there was food to focus on!
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  1. This sounds just crazy enough to be good--because really, what isn't better wrapped in bacon?!