Sunday, January 3, 2010

Could anything else go wrong? REALLY!!

So I wake up at the crack of dawn this morning feeling strangely refreshed. Start coffee, let the puppy out to pee.... go move clothes from washer to dryer. ERROR codes, flashing red lights, weird little (obviously unheard) beeps. One big load of sopping wet clothes in the washer. It won't let me select the drain option, it won't let me turn it off. It just looks at me like a defiant teenager and will not obey!
I had to shut it off at the circuit breaker. Breaker on and off gave no results.

SO I decide to be productive in other ways to spend time waiting for Honey to get home from his trip.
So I work on my sewing.... except the machine is not working. It keeps skipping stitches and reading "motor overload". Then after I rethread and blow out the dust and restart, several times... ,I break a frickin' needle. Then "motor overload!" AGAIN!
My BRAND NEW $$$$$ Machine!!!

Honey gets home, being the doctor that he is, pronounced the washing machine. He tried to make me feel good about "using the heck out it", but I still have sopping wet clothes. I see mold in my future!
Apparently a new machine will be in order. Do I get another moldy smelling front loader? Remember the good old days when we would beat our clothes against a rock at the creek? No moldy smell then!
The sewing machine however.... is not paid off yet! Tomorrow I need to call "the machine guy".
I see wine in my future. I mean like moments from now!
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  1. Sounds like some major technical difficulties. Our frig died on Christmas day. If that makes you feel any better.

  2. Wine or whine? Or both?!?!!!

    I'm not so sure I'm "in love" with my new front loaders. I think I like the dryer cuz it's on a pedestal, but it's not like my clothes seem any cleaner in the washer compared to my old one. And they cost sooo much more. They sure do look purty though. ;)