Sunday, January 3, 2010

While you were busy complaining.....

Check out my new Christmas haircut! You paid a pretty penny for it. I am the cutest thing on four legs in your house! The boxer is ugly, we all know it! I am the baby! You should spoil me rotten!

You sent me out side to "do my business". The kids were supposed to bring me in right away. You should know better! They were busy on the trampoline, and YOU, were busy whining and complaining about your dead 10 year old washing machine.
Don't act surprised!

I also am well aware that you are getting me fixed tomorrow! 
I'm cute, not deaf!
Now how many bath towels did you use to dry me after my bath? Mrs. "I Don't Have A Functioning Washing Machine?"
Live and learn Sister.
Live and learn.
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