Friday, March 9, 2012

My Life Has Changed

I am still married to the same guy, 
who now seems more wonderful to me than ever.
All of my kids are happy and healthy.
My health is not so great. 
My fault.
I am recovering from an abusive two years 
of an addiction to volunteerism.
Not just me,
 but my family and my marriage are all recovering.
Obsessive volunteerism can destroy your family.
This is what is important to me.
My two girls, cooperating and smiling.

My she-beast!

Baby cakes!
Angel-baby, sweetie pie!

Boo-Boo Girl!
And most of all
The love of my life!
I finally have the relationship with God that I have always wanted. It's work people, not just a revelation (no pun intended).
I look forward to easing my way back into blogging as I deliver my final blow to the other people who are also addicted to my volunteerism.
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