Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Impressions

These are just random pictures from this past summer. I find myself looking back at photos and considering what was my first impression of the moment that picture as taken. And what is my impression, now that the emotion of the moment is gone?
First impression: Wow! Check out the size of that fish! She stalked that fish all afternoon, with her patience and diligence. Like everything she does, she gives it her full attention. She gives it her absolute best. If that fish were meant to be caught, she would catch it. If she didn't catch it.... it wasn't meant to be caught, but anyone.... at all!
Second impression: Wow! Check out the size of that bikini! What kind of mother am I? That bikini is nothing more than four triangles and some dental floss! Am I a horrible parent? 
Well, actually I am not, because I am proud of this girl. 
Maybe I should be more discretionary about what she wears. But I guess I don't think that far into it, because she is humble. She is a young lady who is not vain about how she looks and not does she flaunt herself. She focuses on her actions. I probably should however, open her eyes a bit.
First impression: Oh how sad. Look at that puny fish. What a disappointment to catch less than that first monster. 
Second impression: Oh evil little fish.
Little did the picture reveal, that when Mama unhooked baby fish, the fish's nasty little catfish barb jabbed me in the knuckle. It hurt so badly I wanted to cry. Then my knuckle got numb and the little poked area began to bleed. It bled for thirty minutes. I even had my hand submerged in ice water. I was terrified I would bleed to death. I was at the lake, with four children and no other adult. Two hours from home.
Thank the Lord for Google and my Droid. I was quickly consoled my FB peeps that catfish barbs emit a painful venom that is also an anti-coagulant. Were I the size of that fish I would be a goner.
The moral of the story:
Little things are scary to the uninformed observer!
What we actually know about and 
understand has less potential to hurt us.

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  1. We are picking up our boat next week and getting it detailed. BRING ON SUMMER!!