Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thirsty Thursday!

Go see what Thursday is all about at

As for me? I have had quite a day...

My day has been typically busy. Running about from hair appointment to grocery to Sam's Club to home to meet pest man, (because the ants in my kitchen need to go!) to school to soccer game to home for dinner with the parents to parents to help them load furniture into a truck.
Complicated by: Honey's "mid-life-crisis car" getting a flat. Lord knows it needs extra T.L.C. to get that tire taken care of. So I needed to cart Honey around to various activities. But he did find time to go hit golf balls while I remained in a frenzy. AND... get this... in the MIDDLE of Sporty's soccer game, he tells me he needs a ride to go pick up Baby! (Baby is the damn car's name!)
Okay.... Sporty's team won their first game. Yay!!
A sweet girl who dates my son, now and again, drove Honey to get his car.
I glared at Honey all during dinner.
I demanded a Martini!
Now I am going to pack because I am going to the lake tomorrow with the kids.
Honey has his "silly job" to do, and may or may not golf and/or go to the Bobcats game tomorrow night. (Tough life....I know!)
As for me, I will be sitting on the back deck tomorrow evening, observing God's majesty in form of birds singing to me as the sun sets!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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  1. Love, Love, Love that post!

  2. Now that looks GOOD!!!

    Sam... you can find those pods things almost anywhere now. I get them from Bed Bath & Beyond a lot of times. But you can them online too :)