Friday, April 2, 2010

My apologizes to all!

Oh how I would love to read and reply to all of my fav blogs and some of my bloggy BFF's fav blogs. 
However... there is no rest for the wicked.
 (Sorry, I just heard "Cage the Elephant" in my head for a minute! I should be glad that is the only thing I heard in there. I have a full day ahead of me.)
I still have a mountain of laundry from last weekends trip out of town. And various other things to get done before we hit the road again in 45 minutes.
So don't quit on me!
I will be back next week, to sit and read and comment for a good long time every day for the rest of Spring break!
Unit then....
Keep it real!

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  1. have a great time! See ya after spring break :)

  2. I swear we live the same life! Y'all have a fabulous Spring Break!

  3. have a good time!!! read you later!!