Friday, April 9, 2010

A Taste of our Spring Break and Easter!

Spring break:
First of all the weather was unbelievable. It was 93 degrees on Saturday in South Carolina. It didn't take long for these things to show up.
Yes, scantily clad children, just begging for a sunburn. What they find so fascinating about gazing in to the pollen polluted water, escapes me.

Always bring you own life guard. 
She acts like she is on high alert any time someone enters the water. But the truth is, she can barely swim, herself.
She can act concerned though, she is good at that!

Don't these kids remember seeing snowflakes last spring break?
Do they not notice me in my hoodie, ever ready for the severe weather to roll in?
I guess not. I probably look like some homeless person... with a camera. 
(How creepy!)

When sunscreening your fair haired boy, if you don't achieve a "full Billy Idol" his scalp will not be protected!


It's not that we strive to be different, we just don't like to do the same old boring thing.
  Unusual gifts in the Easter baskets always make it funner.
The fake, stick on nails were a big hit. The best nails in church! I have never seen my girls talk with their hands so much.
The girls got tu-tu's in their Easter baskets (party bags).
Tu-tu's are not just for the youngsters any more. 
And yes she has shorts on underneath!

The tu-tu's came in handy because we absolutely insist 
that our kids dress up to go golfing. 
My sister and I wore ballgowns!
We actually wore flapper dresses!
Kidding again!

Did you notice her purple golf ball?

Notice her pink golf ball?
Our kids didn't hunt for eggs on Easter morning.
No! They hunted for colored golf balls!
We actually just forgot to make eggs, and they were getting golf balls any way!
Golfing with a load of kids is miserable when everyone uses a white ball. They each have their own color now, and it is so much better.
Besides, if they didn't find all of the eggs balls, they weren't going to rot and smell bad.
AND, they so definitely needed the practice hunting down their balls!
Never forget to dress up your man too!
This kid is so cool!

Strange Relatives:
There never fails to be a few, whom just can't handle the camera. It brings out the worst.

Then again, what brings out the worst in my Dad, is any opportunity to irritate my Mom.
Now my brother on the other hand...
When asked to pose with his god-daughter, 
immediately jumped into the suspicious, profile mugshot pose.
I think I need to talk with him later.

And why lay on a couch when a well padded Pap-Pap is so much better.
And finally
Lesson Never Learned:
1. No helmet!
2. No shoes!
3.  Eating popsicle while boarding around!
4. Broke her arm on that very rip-stick, 
at this very same place, during spring break last year!
5. No common sense!
I did however, have the great pleasure of digging a huge splinter out of her foot later that day!
It was huge!
It was awesome.
And I never said I told you so!

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  1. Love those nails. Once my hubby put fake nails on both my hands and feet. I looked so pretty!! And yes I said husband. lol.

  2. Ohh I loved this post! It looks like spring break is going well!

  3. Bo must have some blue balls! No pun intended. Love the tutus!