Monday, April 19, 2010

Look what Honey got me! It's Nookie time!

It is our anniversary. I am cooking Honey a special meal, that smells lovely right now! I will post about it later, if it is a success. Success being determined by the faces my kids make at the time, and how many people threaten to throw up. Pretty standard really.
But as far as anniversary special-ness goes. I never even took a shower today! But I did walk two miles and dedicate it to Honey. Because I know deep in my soul, he'd prefer me part with more than a few pounds!
So he actually got me a gift! Color me surprised! Well actually shocked!
He got me a Nook! It's the eReader by Barnes and Noble.
I can read continuously and have spent a large fortune on books. This will be my new lover! Hence the word Nook?
Maybe I can show Honey a little lovin' between Chapter one and two?
Conditions are perfect! It's not a diamond anniversary band, but endless supply of books comes in a close second!

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I am totally jealous!!! I want ONE!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!What a great gift!

  3. What an awesome gift!! Can he get me one too? My anniversary is in August....and I'm not sure MY spouse will remember....****sigh****

  4. Be on the look out for something special on my blog for you!