Monday, April 19, 2010

I need a break!

This is sorta where I am. The North Carolina pollen has taken me hostage. My nose is drippier than a teething baby! My eyes are so swollen, eyeliner is all guess work.
My CVS Pharmacy man is  my hero, because he sent me home with stuff that helps a little and makes me one step closer to human.
I have been waking up at three am, so miserable. But I have found that if you take your 24 hour claritin-D at 3 am, the alarm clock is not so annoying.
I am off to run errands, and sneeze at strangers. Then back to my sewing. I am in the middle of making two Indian outfits. I mean like Eastern Indians. Festive sari's. My daughter is presenting India at international day. And it is all about the dress for her.
Have a great day, and then I have lots to catch up with you all!

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