Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Bright Side...

1. Despite having a fever of up to 104 off and on for three days, it looks like I am in fact not dying.

2. My children will guilt my husband into actually putting something into my stocking. Even though he bought me a mac daddy Canon G 1 million, but declared it my Christmas present before I even got it open.

3. No matter how hard I cough and sneeze and smell like sweat, my dogs and kids still want to be all over me! :)

4. My parents are always there for me.

5. Diet Sun-Drop over ice makes everything better, every time!

6. Thinking I lost 20 pounds over this bout with Malaria or Typhoid or Leprosy or whatever it is. A big girl can think big!

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  1. Nothing better for weight loss than a good case of Malaria.