Friday, November 6, 2009

Charlotte Bobcats!!

We have a serious Bobcat adoration running through the veins of our family. I don't even remember how it began. Many of our friends don't appreciate our enthusiasm because they are still all twisted up over losing the Hornets. Get over it, that was years ago!
Honey and I have been going to games for a few years now. But last spring he surprised me. We went to a game early and met with a sales guy who showed us some awesome seats. I figured we were just being nice to score the seats that night. Wrong! Honey looked at me with tear in eye, got down on one knee and said "Shari, will you share these season tickets with me?"  to which I sweetly responded "Hell Yeah!"
It was like being engaged all over again!
That was last spring. We have since moved into fourth row seats!
Right in front of the Lady Cats! It's okay, Honey deserves some eye-ball candy!

These are two of our favorite players. DJ Augustin, who is a scamperin' maniac. He bobs and weaves like Speedy Gonzales ! He is amazing. We should just call him "The Blur". 
The insanely tall one is Gerald Wallace. He is the best, most aggressive player they have. He breaks bones, (his own) flies into the stands, and is a huge risk taker. We believe he should be wrapped in Kevlar. His mother might appreciate it.

Casey will walk up to anyone associated with the team. They can't resist her. She has chased down more players for autographs, it is shameless!
Sean May took her ball from her as a joke and she about lost her mind. He has since been traded! Hmmm..... makes ya wonder how much power she wields!
She is a loud side line coach with a constant stream of actually appropriate commentary. (I've never been prouder. Sniff...)

Here is one of our newest shining stars. Raja Bell is a really good player, and he sure is pretty! Sigh! Raja hurt his wrist and is easing his way back into the game. Shake it off boy! You are cute but it's more about the ball!
Honey is going to the game with friends tonight, but I took all the kids on Monday. Oh Yes! I am keeping track!

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  1. looks like it should be a good season; those seats sound awesome too! basketball is one of my favorite sports, if not my favorite sports; always have been a Lakers fan