Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I meant to say! It's Wednesday!

Do check out what Chief has to say!

More of a slide show because I am feeling much more comfortable whipping out my camera at any given moment. AND the kids are liking it.

What I said:    Kids, how do you like this nice dinner? Tomato Macaroni and Cheese ala Paula Dean, & Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce ala Sunny Anderson.

What I meant to say:    You will eat it and you will like it, because, Stouffers has nothing on me!. The freezer food is meant for serious conditions, like when I am sick or when we are frozen in (again). But it's home made and you WILL enjoy  it!

So this is the reaction I get. Sweet talking to them (as above) gets me no where.
So a big thumbs down for, surprisingly,  the Mac 'n Cheese. 
The chicken... now that brings out the sword swallower in every one.
Apparently! Yes they liked the chicken, but not the sauce. So they ate protein tonight. I'll take it! Two recipes in the garbage. Oh well.

And I just can't figure this one out!

Strange little creature of habit. IN the wee hours of the morning she is an insane OCD bat out of hell about her wardrobe.
But, after dinner, she showers and puts on her sporty long sleeve shirt, pj pants and this crazy hat. I made this John Deere, mohawk hat years ago, but it has recently wormed it's way into her heart and apparently on to her night-time head.
I mean, she sleeps in it, every night!
And I mean the minute her butt hits the surface of any chair or couch.... out she and her hat go. Z-Z-Z-Z-Z
She falls asleep so quickly after dinner that we always have to zombie-walk her to bed. Cautiously, we do the walk, because she is a wicked sleep walker. Any quick movement and she is wide, crazy, eyed, and talking in a language we haven't grasped yet. (Excellent fuel for the future I'm thinking!)
Even her 8 year old little brother knows the drill. He takes her by the hand and leads her like a little child up the steps, sweetly talking to her all the way.
Removing the hat could trigger things even stranger, so it's a keeper!
Maybe it's a dream catcher, who knows. But doesn't every Momma take comfort in the fact that her baby's head is warm?

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  1. I'll bring the McDonald's for all the kids and I'll help you eat that scrumptious looking dinner!

    P.S. My mom grew up with Paula Deen. *name dropping*

  2. I hate when you try to fix something new and they go all psyco b/c it isn't something they have eaten before. *sigh* lol

    I like the hat!

  3. So... I notice an absence of tomato on part of that dish. Who's the picky kid! I'll bet I can guess :D

  4. that seriously looks sooooo good!

    and I too noticed the missing tomatoes! picky eaters unite!

    Thanks for playing!

  5. OMG...that looks soooo awesome! I need the recipe!

  6. What the hell? Princess is up there name-dropping! My kids would like chicken strips/nuggets/skewers/ whatever 24/7, but sauce no way. Last winter, Bo had a hat that he wore everywhere! Even to bed!