Monday, March 1, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Just a few things to share. First the very serious.
This car is at the park where my daughter practices soccer. It is there everyday. The driver is a little rough looking and makes the girls nervous. Hence, I park my big obnoxious SUV right there in front of him. I have already told both coaches, and they all say they don't now who it is, but yes, indeed he is always there. His license plate say's "smooth 1" Hey, if my girls are creeped out, then I will listen. So today I took a picture. The girls were mortified, but I am going to show it to the country cop I know. Better safe than sorry. And he is not a relative of any soccer player, I have already checked, no one knows him or his car.
Over reacting? I think not!

These are the red velvet cake, cuppy cake in an ice cream cones that I made the kids last night. Little did I know they would become the new stain in my bedroom carpet! The guilty culprit that my daughter spewed in an arc around my bedroom at 4 am!
Red velvet cake VS Oxyclean  
Oxyclean lost!
Mama needs a new carpet!
 Clown boy never ceases to entertain!
 These are just a few...
of his goof ball expressions.
Oh there were more, but we were at the drive through at Mickey D's
and my food was ready!

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  1. You should call the cops while you are sitting in your car! That man does not need to belong there! You are acting exactly like I'd act! It's better to overreact than underreact, I think.

    Those cupcakes would have looked better before the splatter art comment. I'd still eat them!

  2. i'd call the cops too....some creepy perv looking at the girls! let us know what you find out!

  3. oh my goodness, on the creepy guy!!!! I agree with a previous comment, call the COPS!!

    lmao! I love this clown!!!

  4. That car guy is freaking me out from here; do tell what you hear back.

    So so sad about loss of cookies/red velvet cupcakes :(

    And love that kiddo. :)