Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I meant to Say! It's Wednesday!

What I said: Oh how wonderful that the science fair project is done and we can have our floor and sanity back. Good job sweet girl, you really did a good job!
What I meant: Thank the Lord we are getting this out of my house, for all the stress and tears it has been causing. I know there is glue and paint on my dining room rug. ANd I am so writing a letter to the Dean about the $ and time involved in these ridiculous projects. (She had to turn in three projects today and declare her new project subject!) Homeschooling is looking so good to me!(Actually, really...I have considered it!)

What I said: Look how sweet that our children continually sleep together in the same bed. What angels they are. Lets not move them to their own beds, lets just let them enjoy each other's company!
What I meant: Honey put the house on the market NOW! If we down size to a two-bed room, we can afford Disney every year and then some!
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  1. Yea! you get your dining room back, even if it's only temporarily. The project looks good.

  2. They get along that well? And your solar system rocks! We, I mean Sass, had to do one last year.

  3. LOL!
    That's a pretty neat science project!!
    It looks like it was worth the mess.

    My sisters and I loved sleeping together, until we got older and the bed and the blanket became smaller.

  4. post that bad boy for sale on the internet and i am sure some lazy parent..*cough*like Me*cough* would totally buy it.... :)

    If my boys shared a bed, I would find blood in the morning..... haha

    Happy Humpday!

  5. Oh my!! Definitely downsize and get your butts to Disney!!!

  6. By the way...I love the name of your blog!

  7. Ah the famous parent projects! You did such a great job! snort!

    thanks for playing!

  8. Wow my science projects never looked that good!! lol!!! ...

  9. I wonder how many kids actually do their own projects?

    They look cute all in there together!