Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Jelly Fish!!!

Convoluted conversation with #1 Son:

#1:    Hey Mom, Guess what? 

Me:   No clue, hit me with it honey.

#1:    So I am doing research on jelly fish, and was on the internet trying to find      
         some data to back it up. AND I found another university doing the same  
        research. Go ahead! Guess where?

Me:   No clue, (but thinking, you are already 13 hours away, hoping and praying it's not further) Where Honey?

#1:   App! (Appalachian University!!!!!)

Me:  You are kidding me! (Two hours from me)

#1:   So I've been emailing this professor back and forth all day and she said I  sound 
           like a great candidate for her grad program.

Me:  *silence* because I am in complete shock. That is amazing!

#1:  I know, it's Sic!

Not quite sure what Sic means, but guessing it means he approves.
I'll take it!

 (okay that's happy me, in my dreams 30 year ago! But I feel this happy!)
Keep your fingers crossed people. It would be such a pleasure to start doing his laundry again. He such a cool guy!

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  1. Well . . . If you really, truly feel like doing someone's laundry . . . When can I come over??? ;) I hope he gets in to that program! :)

  2. How cool is that! I would to have gone to ASU! I wish we were still coming up there this wknd so we could meet. We have a house at Beech Mtn.

  3. I will fall to pieces the day my boys move out of the house. :( Hope he comes back! My husband moved 16 hours away for college, met me and never moved back. I'm still surprised my mil doesn't hate me....

    You know we live pretty close to each other don't you?