Monday, February 22, 2010

I want my computer back!!! But NO!

 My computer, my living room and dining room have been hijacked!
Hijacked by the 6th grader, and her science fair project, another science project and a history thing. I am so over this over bearing list of projects.
I am really trying to ignore it all , because they need to do these projects on their own. BUT, look at my dining room and living room!
Try to ignore the dogs, sequestered in that crate. There is way too much stuff for them to step on and that my result in instant death .... by her.

I'll  be back.... someday! She is hovering over me at this minute because I am in her creative space, and that clashes with her comfort zone.
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  1. Haha..!!! My husband is always traveling...when he's away, the house is clean. When he's home, his stuff is everywhere--my kitchen, living room, dining room...

  2. Seriously? Science fair and another science project at the same time? You totally need to move to Columbus, where the schools are sane :)