Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogger Roller Derby!!! Bring It!!!

You know who you are!!!
I just watched Whip It with my kids. One daughter was mortified, one daughter, (much like my self), was totally inspired. I mean what better way to vent your daily mom and woman frustrations. I definitely would take one for the team , and give one back. I can think of so many people I would clothes line and laugh hysterically at . And YOU MY BLOGGER FRIENDS are being drafted to my team. I could go down my list of regular daily blog reads and happily roll with you. The list would be endless.
And the coach would totally be Meeko Fabulous! (I so hope you read this one!)
Supah, Semi-Slacker, Princess of Sarcasm. You don't even need roller names. You are so set! Vodkamom, Bad Mom,.... the list goes on! My goodness, how poetic is it!
I myself am torn between, Scary Spice, Nicole Bitchie, or Mariah Scary! 
Give me the fish nets baby! I'll roll up my sleeves and show my Christian fish to the world, (I know..... don't say anything!)
I want to show up at our school one morning with a big shiner and say to the "hall guard", "Yeah! What about it!".
But I must have on my team:
My sister- Skinderella!
(Oh she is so gonna blush, but she will secretly fist pump when no one is watching!)
Oh this blog feels so right!

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  1. OHHHHHHHHH I would LOVE to be on the team. SMACK TALKING from the bars.


    supah- Exterminate-her.
    I think i might use this as inspiration for next monday's all bout meme. not sure how.. but i love it.

    i'll shout you out if so!

  2. Oh SH-NAP!!! I am so honored not to be picked last for a change!

    Wait...that sounded kind of pathetic. Scratch that. I meant.....

    I am going to start training tomorrow!! (Yeah, much better.)

    And by "training" I mean blogging and eating m&m's.

    This is going to be EPIC! Who are we going up against?

    *rubbing hands together and drooling*

  3. You are so lying! You do not have a tat of the Christian fish? I have one on my foot!! Girl, I think we were separated at birth! And where the hell are my fish nets! It's so on!

    I know you just picked me because I looked so cool on skates in that picture I posted a few weeks ago!