Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's freezing here!

It's 18 degrees here in sunny North Carolina! Some of your Northerners may laugh at me, but I have been in the south now for 13 years. 13 years is the exact amount of time apparently it takes for your blood to become so thin, you can barely function at 18 degrees. I am thinking of cancelling school my self! Seriously, there are still people in this town who still have there sprinkler systems running and there will be a heck of a whole lot of ice on the roads this morning.
Freeze pipes! Close schools! Cancel after school activities! These are times meant for snuggling and watching the fireplace. (Which in my house is a DVD of a fireplace since Honey ripped ours out a few years back to make room for his fish tank!)
But I am getting new Washing Machine today! I may great the delivery men with hot cocoa and my snuggie on.
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  1. It's 22 here & Channel 13 is calling for snow/wintry mix Thursday night & Friday so you know what that's going to do to Middle GA. Northerns would die laughing if they saw how we acted!