Friday, November 20, 2009

Class of 2011!!

That's my boy. Can you tell he's looking into graduate programs? Can you tell he's doing research on spiders?
Why, I think he's doing some research right there! Something about alcohol uptake and some sort of receptor site and it's agonist! (He would be so proud of me for using those words.)
Yesterday we talked about "cooties". He didn't believe in them as a child. He didn't know they would become his future.
He calls me everyday! Everyday! Yes there are college boys like that. Usually he just wants to let me know that he has "rocked" an exam, or what gormet meal he will be having that night. Yes I have created a food snob in him. He'd rather have wild salmon and rice pilaf over the ever affordable Ramen noodles, any day. 
He will also tell you that he is "discriminatory about his non-hydrating beverages". He knows his beer and wine. Not a college variety chugger, he's a sniff, swirl and sip guy. He knows where they come from and how they are brewed and or distilled. He can tell the difference between, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Cab with his eyes closed.
But then there are Irish Carbombs! Whole different story!
Lets not tell him I blogged about him today, he will correct my grammar and dispute something. Probably that agonist thing.

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