Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At long last, a glimpse from last week!

Here he is.... Big Man on Campus!
If you look carefully, he looks like, he is beginning to form a word!!!
I'm just guessing, but it look's bad. I would have beaten him if he did.
He didn't!

She is his assistant coach. She sacrificed soccer this year to cheer, and it is killing her. But she will try out for the spring team. When she went to soccer camp once with pros, they nicknamed her "Hot Sauce". I could have never in my life come up with a more appropriate name! I just may change it on her birth certificate.

This is why she is not playing soccer or basketball, or year round swimming this year. She was bitten by the cheer bug. She has been going to competitions for years watching her sister.

I am not sure if it was a challenge, or the need to girlie up a bit?
Honey and I never figured it out.

But she wears it well, and is tumbling like a maniac already!
In case you didn't notice, the very second she removes her uniform, on goes the soccer shirt? Hmmm....
Now here is the original cheer girl. She is extremely comfortable in front of the camera or a few thousand people.

On her shoulders is one ball of fire, affectionately known as "muscle baby".

Like I said..... extremely comfortable in front of the camera!
Did you notice those hair bows? Aren't they fantastic? They are genuine original YellaRibbon  hair bows. You simply must check the site out. My girls have a bazillion of them! And will have more come December 25th!

Gosh, it feels sooo much better to blog with real pictures!
It helps get me over the pain of the Bobcat trade!

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