Monday, September 7, 2009

Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, and my sister!!!

My sister and I planned a long time ago, to take our girls to see the Taylor Swift concert on Labor day weekend. I had to stress , a long time ago, because it was same weekend as one of our cousins' wedding. Andy is one of the greatest guys in the world, and he married Angie,the sweetest girl in the world... and  we were at, Taylor Swift. We  did not score points with "the family".
 Anyway, in preparation for the concert, our girls decided they were going to make shirts for the concert. They tie-dyed tee shirts, and then ironed on letters. Taylor Swift on the front, and their nicknames on the back. Elf, Spitz and Kitty. (See if you can match them up.) While we were eating pizza before the concert, the cutest little girls, probably about 4 years old, bravely approached our girls with the biggest smiles, to tell our girls, that they liked their shirts. Cute, Cute, Cute!

Taylor Swift was fantastic. She is quite the show girl. She worked that hair, and those eyes, to coax the most horrendous level of screaming I have ever ever heard at a concert, sporting event, or natural disaster. It was almost unpleasent. What was weird to me, were the actual swooning teenage girls. That last time I had seen this behavior was at the Donnie Osmond concert. I mean, I saw it on You Tube? (Quick cover of age).
I had never seen Kellie Pickler in action before. She was amazing as well. Very classy and sweet. But check out her shoes! Apparently she is 5'1' and always wears heels. But she can work those heels too! I will definitely be getting some of her music now.

Last but not least is my sister. If I use her nickname, she will never ever forgive me. So I will call her Neese. Like Geese but with an "N". Better  Neese? Do I still get a Christmas present? Isn't she cute? She epitomizes the cowgirl. And she pretty much has, her whole life. She has drifted in and out of different fashions, rock 'n roll groupie look, car pool mom, Betty Crocker, (sorry Neese). But she looks perfect, in "Cowgirl". Tim Gunn would say, "the proportions are perfect, and, "she makes it work"!

BUT, I will say this, she is so cute, you could put her in a brown paper bag, and she would still look cute!!
I can't wait to get the phone call after this one. But Cowgirl is riding her horse today, (for real, she really does own a horse and rides it too!) so she'll see this much later.
Later sistah!

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