Monday, September 21, 2009

A taste of my Monday morning...

First of all, I was gone all weekend. Don't feel sorry for me, I was at the Grove Park Inn with my husband. Perk of the job, there are yearly meetings and I get to go. We golfed (I am really new to golfing, but I did okay) we got massages, and I got a facial. Grove Park Inn is clearly a sample of what Heaven must be like.
My parents kept the kids for me, and I am sure they barely missed  me. But I was perky this morning getting them ready for school.
Nobody else was perky. They were typically blurry.  Most Monday's are blurry to me too, but this was an extreme. Nobody was smiling except me.
The tounge demonstrates her level of enthusiasm.
Clearly, refusing to look at Mommy. Not letting me glance at those pretty blue eyes is his form of torture.
Really not to much to say here. Except, if I even tried to take one more picture, I may haven't gotten punched.

They will be in a much better mood when I take them to Ben and Jerry's after school!

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