Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Superior Oldest Daughter!

First of all... she is wearing a royal blue life vest. (which symbolizes first place.... in everything!!!!) 
Secondly, she tends to master and/or at least dominate any and every sport and athletic experience.
Thirdly, it is obvious to see.
Hence.... her giving my sister-in-law that knowing, "isn't this just, a walk-in-the-park?" smirk, only to be given back the, "little girl, you haven't been to MY park", look!
This is her showing off for Pap-Pap, when we all know it is a "showing my Pap-Pap, who is boss, maneuver".
And this is the classic, "I can show more leg, because mine are much longer... oh, why does mother nature, curse me with these long american beauties?"

She is also smarter than me and much more organized and that is why she is awesome!!!
There fore I must absolutely say,

 Boo-Boo Girl, I love You!!

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