Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's hard to believe, but Honey and I went to Incubus concert at the ampitheater. It had rained all day and we considered dressing like pages 7&8 from the L.L. Bean catalog. Thankfully we didn't, because the place was filled with multicolored, free and easy, love children. We saw every imaginable hair color, and tattoo, and the most creative uses of teeny tiny fabric as clothing.
Anyway, they started singing... Oh my Lord in heaven! I knew every word of every song, and it was fantastic! BUT, it got even better. There he was, on several big screens....Brandon Boyd. I just knew he was singing to me and only me. Even though I am old enough to be his mother, it was clearly a private concert. Just when I was ready to rip off my clothes and charge the stage...I looked him right in the eyes and yelled,

"Back off Brandon Boyd, with your sexy siren song! I am married!"

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