Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dryers, sewing machines and my little kitty girl!

Well, it has been an eventful few days since school started. I have been dutifully washing everything in the house, now that the kids are in school. But, I have been having that gross, moldy, smelly thing with my clothes and our front load washer. the clothes came out of the dryer hot, and wet, and stinky. I had assumed it was the mold problem that every one seems to have with these machines. So I cleaned it with bleach. But I was finding that I was drying them longer than usual too. So I told Honey that I think we needed to get it serviced. He said, "let me check something". So he got out the ladder and climbed up and promptly extracted at least three birds nests from the vent to the outside of the house. AND a handful of eggs(hard boiled...I'm guessing). Poor birds! But the dryer works great now. Plus I started using those Purex 3-in-1 laudry sheets, and everything smells wonderful!

Now, I have had a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine. It has always given me trouble over that past 10 years. I have sewn a lot of things, but have spent way too much time, ripping out seams, and eating Motrin. So I finally took it to a guy and said  "make me an offer". He did! He offered to sell me a way more $$$$ machine, that I fell in love with. I looked at it and saw a , BMW convertible, and heard angels singing! This machine , is .my. sportscar! Now I have to learn how to handle it's power. 

Last night, Reggie-Bear came home from cheer leading, pouty and sad. She kneed her self in the eye trying a back tuck. It was already magenta! After dinner, she asked me to take a bath with her, and I practically had to bathe her and wash her hair. What she really needed was to lay in my lap and be pet like a kitty. She used her little voice all night. Poor baby! This picture is 7 years ago, but this is what she looked like to me last night.

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