Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trying to get back in the swing of things.....

Everyone goes through their ups and their downs. Tastes change, circumstances change, waist lines change. Our election is emotionally driven, our gas prices are on a roller coaster, and my favorite lipstick color is discontinued. 
My children have a secret election everyday to see who will torture me next. I think they called it the "bat-shit crazy stick" and they pass it around like a relay baton. I have two living out of the house right now.... but you just never know what tomorrow will bring. 
Sadly my sweet boxer was killed by a coyote. She killed one herself months before, so her record is
 1-1. Sad.

We recently went on a cruise over New Years. It was an interesting group of lessons learned. 
New Orleans is freezing cold in December, and even if your boat is pointed south, it's mot magically hot once you board. Next time I will take a parka!
Drivers in Jamaica are crazy! (I think the kids gave our driver... the stick.) I'm not a fan of their sales tactics and I don't like people toughing my kids. Dunns River Falls, however was fabulous!
The Grand Caymans are beautiful! The sting rays did not care for me. That's okay, at least they kept their barby things to themselves.
Cozumel was lovely. Margaritas are lovely, enough said.
Our cruise captain was from Norway, but every time he spoke over the loud speaker, all I could envision was the The Swedish Chef from the muppets, driving the boat!

New Years Eve with hundreds of people who were all handed noise makes was really fun!
A few of my loveys are below.
Doesn't she look like a smooth criminal?

It was like being yelled at by a goose.

He thought it was presidents day?

And on that note

Stay thirsty my friends!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Impressions

These are just random pictures from this past summer. I find myself looking back at photos and considering what was my first impression of the moment that picture as taken. And what is my impression, now that the emotion of the moment is gone?
First impression: Wow! Check out the size of that fish! She stalked that fish all afternoon, with her patience and diligence. Like everything she does, she gives it her full attention. She gives it her absolute best. If that fish were meant to be caught, she would catch it. If she didn't catch it.... it wasn't meant to be caught, but anyone.... at all!
Second impression: Wow! Check out the size of that bikini! What kind of mother am I? That bikini is nothing more than four triangles and some dental floss! Am I a horrible parent? 
Well, actually I am not, because I am proud of this girl. 
Maybe I should be more discretionary about what she wears. But I guess I don't think that far into it, because she is humble. She is a young lady who is not vain about how she looks and not does she flaunt herself. She focuses on her actions. I probably should however, open her eyes a bit.
First impression: Oh how sad. Look at that puny fish. What a disappointment to catch less than that first monster. 
Second impression: Oh evil little fish.
Little did the picture reveal, that when Mama unhooked baby fish, the fish's nasty little catfish barb jabbed me in the knuckle. It hurt so badly I wanted to cry. Then my knuckle got numb and the little poked area began to bleed. It bled for thirty minutes. I even had my hand submerged in ice water. I was terrified I would bleed to death. I was at the lake, with four children and no other adult. Two hours from home.
Thank the Lord for Google and my Droid. I was quickly consoled my FB peeps that catfish barbs emit a painful venom that is also an anti-coagulant. Were I the size of that fish I would be a goner.
The moral of the story:
Little things are scary to the uninformed observer!
What we actually know about and 
understand has less potential to hurt us.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Life Has Changed

I am still married to the same guy, 
who now seems more wonderful to me than ever.
All of my kids are happy and healthy.
My health is not so great. 
My fault.
I am recovering from an abusive two years 
of an addiction to volunteerism.
Not just me,
 but my family and my marriage are all recovering.
Obsessive volunteerism can destroy your family.
This is what is important to me.
My two girls, cooperating and smiling.

My she-beast!

Baby cakes!
Angel-baby, sweetie pie!

Boo-Boo Girl!
And most of all
The love of my life!
I finally have the relationship with God that I have always wanted. It's work people, not just a revelation (no pun intended).
I look forward to easing my way back into blogging as I deliver my final blow to the other people who are also addicted to my volunteerism.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yes, It has been a while! But things need to be shared!

My Baby loves soccer!

 But in this town, we have the best. Now I am not racist. Not at all. I totally celebrate cultural diversity. But in this town, you need to play soccer with the Mexicans. No, you need to learn from them. But no! There is no getting on those teams!  Waiting list!!!
At the local high school, when they come on the field, the crowd silences. I am not kidding!
So check out these boys.
 The Fuego!

I mean seriously! Who else could rock the pastel cleats! And topped with a mohawk?

They were amazing. They brought out the worst and the best in my son. Not a lot of whistles blown this morning. AND there were elbows flying everywhere. See my son? Foul, foul and FOUL!
Okay, so the ethnic diversity continues. We have in our county coaches from Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, and of course the local boys.
But our secret weapon is.... The Samoan!
 He sounds like James Earl Jones, but louder. It is music to my ears. He delivers a constant commentary of where he wants these boys to be, and what his expectations are. The boys absolutely thrive on it.
This chipper North Carolina morning, my son's thighs and face are chapped! And he stripped to remove his under armour, not long after this. (I was wrapped up in a blanket. I would perish back in old PA).
He could feel his toes sometime around lunch and then was back in our yard kicking his ball around!
The Young and The Driven!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Bloggie BFF!

To whom it may concern,

               Please excuse miss Mama Drama. She has been absent for quite a while now. She has been grounded  ill at home, and losing her freakin mind  unable to participate in her regularly scheduled activities. She will be able to return to her full  functioning activities once these soul sucking creatures go to college the sweet angels end their school year.
               In the mean time, please enjoy this video of two of her most evil progeny finest accomplishments.


Then can somebody please teach me the cool way to post a youtube?

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Look what Honey got me! It's Nookie time!

It is our anniversary. I am cooking Honey a special meal, that smells lovely right now! I will post about it later, if it is a success. Success being determined by the faces my kids make at the time, and how many people threaten to throw up. Pretty standard really.
But as far as anniversary special-ness goes. I never even took a shower today! But I did walk two miles and dedicate it to Honey. Because I know deep in my soul, he'd prefer me part with more than a few pounds!
So he actually got me a gift! Color me surprised! Well actually shocked!
He got me a Nook! It's the eReader by Barnes and Noble.
I can read continuously and have spent a large fortune on books. This will be my new lover! Hence the word Nook?
Maybe I can show Honey a little lovin' between Chapter one and two?
Conditions are perfect! It's not a diamond anniversary band, but endless supply of books comes in a close second!

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I need a break!

This is sorta where I am. The North Carolina pollen has taken me hostage. My nose is drippier than a teething baby! My eyes are so swollen, eyeliner is all guess work.
My CVS Pharmacy man is  my hero, because he sent me home with stuff that helps a little and makes me one step closer to human.
I have been waking up at three am, so miserable. But I have found that if you take your 24 hour claritin-D at 3 am, the alarm clock is not so annoying.
I am off to run errands, and sneeze at strangers. Then back to my sewing. I am in the middle of making two Indian outfits. I mean like Eastern Indians. Festive sari's. My daughter is presenting India at international day. And it is all about the dress for her.
Have a great day, and then I have lots to catch up with you all!

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